Housing & Hospitality


Rest Easy
In housing and hospitality facilities, reliable protection in the event of an emergency is critical. The Honeywell Farenhyt Series is an end-to-end fire solution that is easy to operate and maintain for employees, while keeping guest disturbances to a minimum.

Designed to Impress

With minimalistic, unobtrusive designs, Farenhyt Series systems provide an advanced level of fire protection without affecting d├ęcor. Farenhyt Series products can combine fire detection, emergency communications and carbon monoxide detection all into a single system, simplifying operation and dramatically reducing the number of devices on a wall.

Flexible Architecture

Whether for new construction, upgrades or retrofits, Farenhyt Series solutions can help you meet or exceed new rigorous fire safety standards. The flexible, open architecture allows for ease of installation and choice in local distributors and ongoing service contractors.

Honeywell Farenhyt Series fire protection systems are the ideal choice for advanced safety, reliability and costs savings.

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