Education Solutions


Safety First

Keeping students and staff safe is a top priority for educational institutions. Honeywell Farenhyt Series fire and voice alarm systems are a flexible and economical solution to meet and exceed rigorous safety standards.

Effective Emergency Communications

Farenhyt Series systems offer sound and reliable fire detection and emergency communications. Integrated voice notifications help ensure children and staff are aware and know what to do in the event of a fire, intruder or other environmental hazard.

Turnkey Installation, Easy Operation

Ideal for new construction, upgrades or retrofits, Farenhyt Series turnkey fire systems are easy to install and operate, minimizing costs and simplifying training requirements. The flexible, open architecture design provides the power of choice in your contractor selections and can expand with your school system as it grows.

Honeywell Farenhyt Series fire protection systems are the ideal choice for advanced safety, reliability and costs savings.

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