Graphical Monitoring Software


Monitor Your System in Real-time: Graphical Monitoring

The Honeywell Farenhyt Series IFP-Net-3 is a Microsoft® Windows®-based graphic user interface linking selected fire alarm control panels together to a PC to easily monitor them. The PC operator would receive real-time information about a system with details showing right where the event is occurring. For example, if a pull station was activated, a graphic of the floor of that building would zoom in onto the location of the pull station and provide the operator with specific instructions on what to do or who to call.

The IFP-Net-3 consists of a Honeywell Farenhyt Series fire alarm control panel connected to a Gateway via a 5824 module, which is plugged into a TCP/IP Ethernet port and communicates with a PC with the IFP-Net-3 software. No dedicated wire or fiber connection is required with this system the existing Ethernet infrastructure is utilized. The IFP-Net-3 supports up to 200 Gateway’s per system, which can be connected to a compatible Farenhyt Series control panel.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Support of IFP-Series devices with IFPN-GW-Kit installation package
  • Auto navigation automatically locates and zooms to the device related to an alarm or event based on the priority of the event
  • System Administrator-definable security profiles allow for extremely flexible definitions for operator accounts
  • Standard mouse control which uses “point and click” operations
  • Dynamically generated sizable key map
  • New and Acknowledged Event boxes display all off-normal events, simultaneously with graphic screens
  • Operator log with response tracking
  • History Manager records operator, event, and response (with time and date stamp) to disk
  • Powerful search filters for custom reporting of all events
  • Screen database with screens for all sites
  • Administrator-definable macros for device communication
  • Definable function keys, functional buttons, and navigational buttons
  • Floor plans can be zoomed in and out to any level
  • Devices can be placed at any zoom level
  • Import vector .wmf, .bmp, .jpg or .gif
  • Full linked multimedia (text, audio, video, and bitmaps) to any device, all-definable by the administrator

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