Hyperspike TCPA-10 Series Loudspeakers

Hyperspike TCPA-10 Series Loudspeakers
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The HyperSpike® TCPA-10 is engineered to cut through high ambient indoor and outdoor environments with clear and authoritative audio signals and voice notification. The five power settings have been designed to interface with industry standard amplification, and 90° wide acoustic beam makes it an ideal notification tool for indoor and outdoor areas. The optional dual mount system creates a 180° wide beam that is ideal for outdoor perimeter use. The TCPA-10 best-in-class acoustic coverage allows for fewer units to be installed in large indoor and outdoor areas, lowering installation and long-term maintenance costs while improving intelligibility and aesthetics.


  • Emergency Notification
  • Paging and General Notification
  • Campus Communications
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Fire & Life Safety
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Airports/Airport Hangars
  • Arenas/Stadiums
  • Outdoor Spaces/Green Areas/Parking Lots
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