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The IFP-2000VIP panel is an intelligent analog addressable fire alarm control combined with an integrated single channel voice evacuation system. The basic IFP-2000VIP system has one onboard signal line circuit (SLC) loop which can support 159 sensors and 159 IDP modules. The seamless combination of fire detection and voice evacuation simplifies operation and programming of the entire system. The VIP system is scalable from 50 to 400 watts using distributed amplification, which provides power to areas for complete evacuation coverage.

Single enclosure for both fire and voice system control components
The integrated voice panel is an all-in-one product offering all of the features of Silent Knight’s well-known fire control panels, plus the added convenience and utility of a voice evacuation system

Analog addressable technology enhances reliablity, pinpoints problem areas, and reduces false alarms
With features like individual point identification, drift compensation, and maintenance alert, this system is design to help reduce the number of false alarms and service calls that can be so frustrating and costly.

Designed for expandability and flexibility
The IFP-2000VIP supports a full range of detectors, modules and power supplies to meet your installation needs. Expanders give you the ability to accomodate a growing facility while avoiding the hassle and expense of installing a new system.

Critical system programming and event information can be stored and updated remotely by the installation company
The Silent Knight Sofware Suite 2 (SKSS-2) allows your installation company to connect to the IFP-2000VIP from their office or at your location, which means they can efficiently maintain and troubleshoot the fire system.

The Farenhyt IFP-2000VIP is the most sophisticated fire alarm solution ever-offered by Silent Knight, and the first with scalable, network capability.

Up to eight IFP-2000VIP and/or RPS-2000 panels can be networked together, where each panel added increases point capacity in increments of 636 points. With eight panels, the total system capacity is 5,088 points.

In addition to the increased capability, the scalable IFP-2000VIP offers outstanding flexibility as the system can be installed in a variety of ways: with multiple panels covering one large building and/or with individual panels networked across several independent building sites.

The IFP-2000VIP is therefore ideal for growing facilities and campus expansiions. Panels can be connected via a local network if they are within 20 feet of one another. If they are separated in distinct areas, a network repeater is utilized, using either unshielded twisted pair (for up to 3000 ft) or fiber optic cable (no more than 8dB signal loss).

Other key features:

  • Buitl-in support for up to 159 IDP sensors and 159 IDP modules, expandable to 636 points per IFP-2000VIP panel
  • All the features of the IFP-2000 Fire Alarm Control Panel combined with a fully integrated voice evacuation system
  • Built-in Digital Message Repeater using DSP technology
  • Single enclosure for both fire and voice system control components
  • Jumpstart® autoprogramming adds all devices connected to the system automatically, saving installation time

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