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The all-new IFP-2000 is an intelligent analog-addressable fire alarm control panel (FACP) designed for utmost flexibility and reliability. With support for System Sensor Intelligent Device Protocol (IDP) sensors, modules and accessory devices, the IFP-2000 is a scalable and feature-rich solution with pinpoint accuracy. It includes one, built-in signaling line circuit (SLC), which can support 159 IDP dtectors and 159 IDP modules.

Additional SLC loops can be added using the 5815XL SLC expander to increase overall point capacity to a maximum of 636 points per panel. A complete array of IDP detectors and modules connect to the signaling line circuit, ensuring utmost flexibility to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

The IFP-2000 also supports a variety of additional devices, including RA-2000 remote annunciator, 5824 serial/parallel printer interface module (for printing system reports) and an RPS-1000 intelligent power module.

It has eight on-board Flexput circuits that can be configured for auxiliary power, notification outputs or conventional smoke detector inputs (Class A or Class B). The FACP also has a built-in, dual-line digital fire communicator, Form C trouble relay and two programmable Form C relays. The firmware has powerful features such as detector sensitivity, day/night thresholds, drift compensation, pre-trouble maintenance alert and calibration trouble alert.

The IFP-2000 is the simple fire alarm solutiion for new construction, retrofits and future facility expansions.

No special wire, such as shielded or twisted pair, or installation strategies are required, so the IFP-2000 can often be installed using existing fire alarm system wiring. A full range of detectors, modules and power supplies are available, which means that the IFP-2000 will not only meet your installation needs, but also easily accommodates facility growth.

Troubleshooting is simplified because detectors and modules each have their own, unique address.

The Silent Knight Software Suite allows for upload/download inter-connection between the installer's facility and the building itself, which allows for remote maintenance and troubleshooting.

Jumpstart auto programming allows for faster commissioning by allowing for default options to be selected for many programming tasks. All SLC loops and SBUS circuits are scanned to determine device type, which are then added to memory. System options can therefore be automatically selected, thereby eliminating the requirement for the installer to program for each device.

Patented Flexput circuits allow the IFP-2000 to be retrofitted in existing, conventional applications, so existing detectors can be utilized. In additiion, such installations can also be expanded by adding new devices that are fully compatible with the IFP system.

The Farenhyt IFP-2000/RPS-2000 is the most sophisticated fire alarm solution ever-offered by Silent Knight, and the first with scalable, network capability.

Up to eight IFP-2000 and/or RPS-2000 panels can be networked together, where each panel added increases point capacity in increments of 636 points. With eight panels, the total system capacity is 5,088 points.

In addition to the increased capability, the scalable IFP-2000/RPS-2000 offers outstanding flexibility as the system can be installed in a variety of ways: with multiple panels covering one large building and/or with individual panels networked across several independent building sites.

The RPS-2000 provides additional flexibility and value, offering the same panel functionality and networking capability as the IFP-2000, without the display.

The IFP-2000 is therefore ideal for growing facilities and campus expansiions. Panels can be connected via a local network if they are within 20 feet of one another. If they are separated in distinct areas, a network repeater is utilized, using either unshielded twisted pair (for up to 3000 ft) or fiber optic cable (no more than 8dB signal loss).


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