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Perfect for mid to large-sized jobs such as schools and universities, hospitals and hotels, The Farenhyt IFP-1000 offers over 1,000 addressable points. And, since it works with a building's existing wiring, the system is ideally suited for retrofit jobs as well. By integrating intelligent addressable technology, a built-in digital communicator and powerful facility management software, the IFP-1000 enables you to do more than react to a building's fire response system - you're able to proactively manage it. Let's take a look at some of the features and benefits that set the IFP-1000 apart from other fire alarm panels.

Analog addressable technology enhances reliablity, pinpoints problem areas, and reduces false alarms
With features like individual point identification, drift compensation, and maintenance alert, this system is design to help reduce the number of false alarms and service calls that can be so frustrating and costly.

Designed for expandability and flexibility
The IFP-1000 supports a full range of detectors, modules and power supplies to meet your installation needs. Expanders give you the ability to accomodate a growing facility while avoiding the hassle and expense of installing a new system.

Critical system programming and event information can be stored and updated remotely by the installation company
The Silent Knight Sofware Suite (SKSS) allows your installation company to connect to the IFP-1000 from their office or at your location, which means they can efficiently maintain and troubleshoot the fire system.

Selectable detector protocol
The IFP-1000 has the ability to use either System Sensor IDP or Hochiki protocol devices, making this panel the most flexible on the market today.

Other key features:

  • System is expandable from to accomodate up to 792 IDP detector and 792 IDP modules, or 1016 Hochiki devices, allowing future expansion
  • Can use standard wire, reducing installation time and cost for new installations, and allows use of existing wire runs for retrofit applications.
  • Configurable Flexputs™ IO circuits let you choose the type of circuit you need for your installation, so existing conventional detectors do not have to be replaced
  • Jumpstart® autoprogramming adds all devices connected to the system automatically, saving installation time

IFP Series of Fire Panels


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