Data Sheets


IFP-2000/RPS-2000 Analog/Addressable FACP Data Sheet

IFP-RPT Repeater Module for IFP-2000/RPS-2000 Data Sheet IFP-RPTSpec.pdf
IFP-1000 Analog/Addressable FACP Data Sheet IFP1000spec.pdf

IFP-1000 City of Chicago Data Sheet

IFP-100 Analog/Addressable FACP Data Sheet Ifp100spec.pdf
IFP-50 Analog/Addressable FACP Data Sheet IFP50Spec.pdf
IFP-25 Analog/Addressable FACP Data Sheet IFP-25spec.pdf
IFP-1000 Plex 1 Door Option Data Sheet plex1_2spec.pdf
CBC Class 1/2 City of Chicago Data Sheet CBCclass_spec.pdf



350600 IFP-2000ECS.pdf
ECS-RCU2000 350709 ECS-RCU2000.pdf
IFP-1000ECS Emergency Communication System with Fire Alarm Control Panel 351552-A IFP-1000ECS.pdf
IFP-100ECS Emergency Communication System with Fire Alarm Control Panel 350770-A IFP-100ECS.pdf
ECS-550 350609_ECS-550.pdf
ECS-RPU Remote Paging Unit 351185-ECS-RPU.pdf
ECS-RCU Supervised Remote Command Unit 351554-ECS-RCU.pdf


IPGSM-4G IP & Cellular Communicator

IPDACT IP Communicator 350268.pdf


ECS-50W Intelligent 50 Watt Amplifier ECS-50Wspecsheet.pdf
ECS-125W Intelligent 125 Watt Amplifier ECS-125Wspecsheet.pdf
ECS-Dual50W 350607ECS-DUAL50W.pdf
ECS-INT50W Internal 50 Watt Amplifier 350980


FFT-STSS and FFT-STSR Data Sheet FFT-STSSdhseet.pdf
Fire Fighters Telephone Control System Data Sheet


IFP-Net-3 is a Graphical Monitoring System that utilizes IP communication via an Ethernet connection 350928ifpnet3specsheet.pdf


5496 Intelligent Remote Power Supply

5635 80-Character LCD Serial Annunciator 5635dsheet.pdf
5815XL SLC Expander 5815xlspec_f.pdf
5824 Serial/Parallel Module 5824spec_f.pdf
5865-3, -4 LED Remote Annunciator 58653_4spec_f.pdf
5880 LED/IO Module 5880spec_f.pdf
5883 Relay Interface Board 5883spec_f.pdf
RA-100 Remote LCD Annunciator ra100spec.pdf
RA-1000 Remote LCD Annunciator ra1000spec.pdf
RA-2000 Remote LCD Annunciator RA2000spec.pdf
RPS-1000 Intelligent Remote Power Supply rps1000.pdf
SK-F485C SBUS to Fiber Converter 351559_SK-F485C.pdf


Analog/Addressable Devices with Intelligent Device (IDP) Protocol

IDP devices.pdf
B200S/B200S-LF Intelligent Sounder Bases (Coming Jan 2015) B200S-LF.pdf
B200SR Intelligent Sounder Base B200SR.pdf
IDP-Fire-CO Combination Fire and CO Detector IDP-FIRE-CO.pdf
IDP-Photo Photoelectric Smoke Detector IDPphotoT_spec.pdf
IDP-Photo-T Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Thermal (135°F) IDPphotoT_spec.pdf
IDP-Beam Reflected Beam Smoke Detector without Test Feature IDPbeamT_spec.pdf
IDP-Acclimate Multicriteria Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Thermal (135°F) IDPacclimate_spec.pdf
IDP-Beam Reflected Beam Smoke Detector without Test Feature IDPbeamT_spec.pdf
IDP-Beam-T Reflected Beam Smoke Detector with Test Feature IDPbeamT_spec.pdf
IDP-Ion Ionization Smoke Detector IDPIon_spec.pdf
IDP-Heat Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector (135°F) IDPheat_spec.pdf
IDP-Heat-HT Fixed High Temperature Thermal Detector (190°F) IDPheat_spec.pdf
IDP-Heat-ROR Rate-of-Rise Thermal Detector with 135° Fixed Temperature IDPheat_spec.pdf
IDP-Pull-SA Addressable Single Action Pull Station IDPpullda_spec.pdf
IDP-Pull-DA Addressable Dual Action Pull Station IDPpullsa_spec.pdf
IDP-Iso Fault Isolator Module IDPiso_spec.pdf
IDP-Monitor Input Monitor Module IDPmonitor_spec.pdf
IDP-Monitor-2 Dual Input Monitor Module IDPmonitor2_spec.pdf
IDP-Monitor-10 Ten Input Monitor Module IDPmonitor10_spec.pdf
IDP-Minimon Mini Input Monitor Module IDPminimon_spec.pdf
IDP-Relay Addressable Relay Module IDPrelay_spec.pdf
IDP-Relay-6 Six Relay Module IDPrelay6_spec.pdf
IDP-Relaymon-2 Relay Module IDP-Relaymon-2.pdf
IDP-Zone Addressable Zone Interface Module IDPzone_spec.pdf
IDP-Zone-6 Six Zone Interface Module IDPzone6_spec.pdf
IDP-Control Supervised Control Module IDPcontrol_spec.pdf
IDP-Control-6 Six Circuit Supervised Control Module IDPcontrol6_spec.pdf
IDP-6AB 6" Mounting Base IDP6ab_spec.pdf
IDP-ACB Cabinet IDPACB_spec.pdf
Intelligent Bases Intelligent_Bases_SS.pdf
SSB224BI 6" Isolator Base IDPssb224bi_spec.pdf
SSB224RB 6" Relay Base IDPssb224rb_spec.pdf
B210LP 6" Mounting Base & SSB501 4" Mounting Base B210LP_B501dsheet.pdf
DNR/DNRW Intelligent Non-relay Duct Detector DNRspec.pdf
Selectable-Output Low Frequency Sounder and Low Frequency Sounder Strobes 350809_SS_Low_Freq_sounder_strobe
The SpectrAlert® Advance Mini Horms MHR/MHW SpectrAlertMHR.pdf
The SpectrAlert® Advance Dual Strobe and Dual Strobe with Speaker Expander Plates


SpectrAlert® Advance Selectable Output Notification Appliances General
SpectrAlert data sheet.pdf
The SpectrAlert® Advance Indoor Selectable Output Speaker Strobes and Dual Voltage Evacuation Speakers SprectrAlertSPS.pdf
The SpectrAlert® Advance Field Selectable Mass Notification Devices SpectralertMassNot.pdf


SD500-AIM Addressable Input Module Revision F

SD500-ARM Addressable Relay Module sd500armspec_f.pdf
SD500-ANM Addressable Notification Module sd500anmspec_f.pdf
SD500-ARM Addressable Relay Module sd500armspec_f.pdf
SD500-LED LED Driver Module sd500ledspec.pdf
SD500-LIM Line Isolation Module SD500-LIM.pdf
SD500-MIM Mini Input Module Revision F sd500aimmimspec_f.pdf
SD500-PS/PSDA Single and Dual Action Addressable Pull Stations sd500psspec_f.pdf
SD500-SDM Addressable Smoke Detector Module sd500sdmspec_f.pdf
SD505-6IB 6" Line Isolation Smoke Detector Base sd5056ibspec_f.pdf
SD505-6RB 6" Relay Smoke Detector Base sd5056rbspec_f.pdf
SD505-6SB 6" Sounder Smoke Detector Base sd5056sbspec_f.pdf
SD505-ADH Addressable Duct Detector Housing sd505adhspec_f.pdf
SD505-ADHR Addressable Duct Detector Housing with Relay sd505adhrdtsspec_f.pdf
SD505-AHS Addressable Heat Sensor sd505aisspec_f.pdf
SD505-AIS Addressable Ionization Smoke Detector sd505aisspec_f.pdf
SD505-DUCT Addressable Duct Smoke Detector & Housing sd505ductspec_f.pdf
SD505-DUCTR Addressable Duct Smoke Detector & Housing with Relay sd505ductrspec_f.pdf
SD505-HEAT - Analog/Addressable Heat Detector
SD505-PHOTO - Analog/Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector
SD505-TCHB100 Hand Held Programmer sd505tchb100spec.pdf


HFS-D HFS-Dspec.pdf
HFS-MM HFS-MMspec.pdf
HFS-MR HFS-MRspec.pdf
HFS-P HFS-P-PTspec.pdf
HFS-PT HFS-P-PTspec.pdf
HFS-T HFS-Tspec.pdf


PS-SA and PS-DA Conventional Pull Stations



STI Stopper® II and Weather Stopper® II Covers for Manual Pull Stations

STI Stopper II.pdf
Gas & Flame Detectors from Honeywell Analytics  


IFP-2000VIP Analog/Addressable FACP with Voice Integrated Package Data Sheet IFP2000VIPspec.pdf
SD505-APS Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector sd505apsspec_f.pdf
VIP-50 Intelligent 50-Watt Amplifier vip50spec.pdf
VIP-125 VIP125spec.pdf
VIP-RM2000 Data Sheet viprm2000_spec.pdf


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