CAD Drawings
Click on the product name below to access the CAD drawings for that product. Battery calcs are provided in a ZIP file containing DWG drawings.


IFP-50 Analog/Addressable FACP (9M ZIP file)  
IFP-25 Analog/Addressable FACP (7M ZIP file)  
VIP-125 125 Watt Voice Evacuation Amplifier (ZIP file)  
Analog/Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels BIM files  
IFP-2000ECS BIM files (ZIP file)  
SBUS Devices  
5496 Intelligent Remote Power Supply (1.2M ZIP file)  
RPS-1000 Intelligent Remote Power Supply (147K ZIP file)  
IDP Devices  

System Sensor IDP SLC Devices (449K ZIP file)

VIP-50 50 Watt Voice Evacuation Amplifier (5.2M ZIP file)  












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