Business Development Regional Map

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Farenhyt Series Business Development Managers

New England Region (1) Northeast Region (2) North Atlantic Region (3) Mid Atlantic Region (4)
David Leffingwell Kelley Maconochie Daniel Schneider Justin Harte
Mobile: 802-281-9300 Mobile: 203-817-8112 Mobile: 443-710-2585 Mobile: 919-605-1255
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Florida Region (5) Southeast Region (6) North Central Region (7) Mountain Region (8)
Laura Minniear Erin Patrick Jay Covert Loren Schreiber
Mobile: 918-403-9428 Mobile: 404-937-0875 Mobile: 317-447-0752 Mobile: 612-231-5279
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South Central Region (9) Northwest Region (10) Southwest Region (11) Pacific Region (12)
OPEN Dan Moore OPEN Heather Hays
Mobile: 509-279-3124 Mobile: 425-381-0395 Mobile: 509-279-3124 Mobile: 949-294-5623
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Vice President,
Business Development & East Coast Lead

Business Development
Director – West Lead
Strategic Business Development
Specification Manager
Chris Stanley Jonathan Beach Brian Carlson Ray Reilly
Mobile: 919-475-7073 Mobile: 509-279-3124 Mobile: 781-366-2250 Mobile: 203-823-7468
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Sales Support Specialist Key Account Manager BDA/ERCES Portfolio Manager
Kim Juniver Vincent Paradise Matthew Elder
Tel: 203-484-6148 Mobile: 205-639-9870 Mobile: 954-290-3479
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