Turnkey, Cost-Effective Systems for Reliable Fire Protection

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Honeywell Farenhytâ„¢ Series Black offers cost-effective, turnkey solutions for emergency communications, carbon monoxide (CO) and fire detection.

Key Features: Key Benefits:
  • Combines emergency communications, CO and fire detection all in one panel
  • Ideal for upgrades, retrofits or new construction
  • Unobtrusive design with choice of product color (red or black)
  • Compatible with SWIFT wireless devices for challenging wiring applications
  • Meets the latest code requirement
  • Choice in distributor selection and ongoing servicing due to flexible architecture
  • Decreased training and monitoring costs with only one system to learn and manage
  • Lower installation and equipment expenses
  • Right-sized system by networking panels
  • Fewer devices on the wall
  • Easy to install and operate