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The IFP-Net is Graphic Monitoring System software used to monitor up to 16 IFP-Series control panels (nodes) with accessories. The IFP-Net runs on a standard PC workstation and Microsoft® Windows® 2000. The IFP-Net presents the user with an easy-to-use and attractive graphic user interface. It is fully customizable to adapt to a wide variety of monitoring situations and supports multiple operators monitoring all or a portion of local sites.

In order to communicate with the Fire System Manager computer, each panel must use a NION. NIONs communicate via an IFPN-PCLTA20 card that is installed in the Fire System Manager computer. The IFPN-PCLTA20 card communicates on twisted pair topology only; however, if the installation requires fiber optic cable, an IFPN-4WRMB (4-way router motherboard) or an IFPN-ROUTMB (router motherboard) can be used.t today.

Other key features:

  • System Administrator-definable profiles allow for extremely flexible definition of Operator accounts
  • Plug-in architecture
  • Event printing from workstation or on the network
  • Autonavigation (selectable for each device) Automatically locates and zooms to the device related to an alarm or event, based on the priority of the event
  • Utilizes existing building drawings exported to .wmf or .bmp formats
  • Dynamically generated sizeable key map linked to main screen

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IFP Series of Fire Panels


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