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Emergency Communication Systems IFP-2000ECS Now available!  Silent Knight has released the next generation of ECS products with the IFP-2000ECS networkable fire alarm control with integrated emergency communication system.  Also new is the ECS-DUAL50W, a smart and flexible amplifier that offers 50 or 100 watts, dual channel, and back-up amplifier capability. Learn more about the system that provides comprehensive emergency messaging with robust audio power. Find out more...


Emergency CommunicationSystems IFP-1000ECS,  IFP-100ECS & ECS-RCU

IFP-2000Silent Knight announces thenew,integrated voice evacuation & fire alarm control panels which now feature emergency communication systems. Listed to the new UL2572 subject, these products meet the NFPA72 2010 ECS code and the Unifiied Facilities Criteria for mass notification systems. Find out more...



Addressable Fire Fighter Telephone System for fire fighters use with fire alarm systems. The control module provides supervision, annunciation and control
for local and remote telephone handsets. IFP-FFT Product Page >>





Lunch & Learn

Silent Knight will come to your facility and provide a free Lunch & Learn educational session. Learn more and schedule


Improve Your Service Business with eVance! - Learn what eVance is, how it works, and how it can add value to your business. - Find out more >


KnightSpec Version 2.1 custom specification program updated with the IFP-25 and IFP-2000. Download KnightSpec 2.1



Emergency Communications Systems More information…


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Silent Knight Expands Portfolio with Area of Rescue intercom and Nurse Call Alert Systems Jeron Electronic Systems Communication Offerings Meet New Codes and Enable Silent Knight’s Farenhyt Distributors to Meet Buildings’ Multiple Life Safety Systems Demands


Silent Knight's New Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detector Saves More Than Just Lives Fire/CO Detector Meets New CO Requirements for Commercial Sleeping Occupancies While Reducing Costs and Nuisance Alarms


A University, A Security Religious Compound and More Check out Farenhyt’s library of case studies.


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